Philosophy and Metaphysics

With Unfading Resolve, heroics and virtue are of more value than magic, strength, or money.

Unfading Resolve is set in the classic D&D setting, the World of Greyhawk. I warn that I will reveal more specific background information as it becomes relevant to the players and their perspectives – But high fantasy should be expected. Brave heroes, mighty spellcasters, and cunning traps – all to save the town, village, or kingdom from certain evil.

House Rules:
Experience Gain – Experience levels will be given by play session, not by counting creatures or encounters. Current calibration should earn characters one level per session.
Hero’s Benefit – Limited special points earned by great deeds and redeemable for extraordinary bonuses (Similar to action points, but earned by roleplay/story involvement).

Standard Rules Reference:
3.5 Edition Dungeons & Dragons
Greyhawk World Setting – Certain races/regions will have real-world equivalents for the sake of being able to visualise and interact better.

Philosophy and Metaphysics

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