Magic and Sorceries

Below follow some of the known effects or afflictions of magical sources.

Fading – People and objects become translucent and can move through walls with concentration. The effect occurs randomly and can end as quickly as it began.

Spell Failure – More often than not, a spell effect simply fizzles out harmlessly if it somehow goes wrong. But if it goes really wrong, then it spells disaster.

Magic at a Cost – The temptation of greater arcane or divine power is great. But what is the cost of reaching beyond your limits? Also, magemadness – the real reason rural folk fear sorcerers.

Power Components – Given we measure experience in whole levels rather than accrued points, rare and special ingredients fill the gap of xp costs to spells or item creation, when suitable for less than a whole level.

Incantation Magic – Some magic needs not only specific gestures, words, or materials – some of it needs a time, a place, or number of people.

Legacy Weapons – Sometimes a magic item or weapon is just that. But sometimes history makes it more. Not simply a matter of cost, but of pilgrimage or retracing steps.

Magic and Sorceries

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